Sweet Sixteen and Bar Mitzvah

You only get one sweet sixteen or Bar Mitzvah celebration in your life, so naturally, you should go all out to celebrate. Whether you are reading this as someone who is planning one of these celebrations for your child or someone celebrating this momentous occasion soon, bringing in an oxygen bar to celebrate is a great way to create a day you will never forget! If you are looking for a unique way to celebrate your big day, reach out to Elevate O2 today!

Plan Your Party Today

A birthday girl and her friend smiling as confetti falls

Make It a Day You Won’t Forget

Because you only get one of these celebrations, you want to make it count! Our portable oxygen bar is a great way to celebrate your sweet sixteen or Bar Mitzvah in style. The services we provide can help your guests to relax and be rejuvenated giving them the energy they need to celebrate you and your coming of age occasion!

Help Your Guests to Bond

Oxygen bars are shown to improve morale and give energy to those who participate! Basically, you just feel really good. Your guests will also be spending time together while they are being treated, and, because of the impact of pure oxygen, great conversation always ensues! If you are looking for a way to help your guests bond and grow their relationships, reach out to Elevate O2 today!